tomato crêpe rolls

by 1 big bite on April 7, 2012

Some days ago someone asked me some questions about this little blog. It was a great conversation and one of the things we were talking about was, how I come up with new ideas, inspirations and recipes. This was quite interesting for me and I was happy to discuss this because someone else (who happens to know a lot about food blogs, you can say a pro) told me to specify my taste, say to give it all one direction. This was a couple of months ago and I thought a lot about this single opinion but I don’t really get it. Would it be helpful or more interesting for you, if I would just write about cakes, healthy or German food? Actually all I do is cooking what I like to eat and compromise and limit myself to get more readers is not who I am. Although I can use you and this blog as a alibi for making weekly cakes… who am I kidding one cake a week is just the necessary minimum in my neck of the woods.

Many departments are involved in the decision process of a blog post. Imagine myself on a farmers market or at the grocery store, the dept. of view (my eyes) see some fresh herbs, I rub one basil leaf between the dept of sense of touch (my fingers), the dept. of scent (my nose) smells their aroma but the dept. of taste (my mouth) has to veto: again pesto or herb quiche? Nope! Fresh crisp apples are the next in my radar, they meet the criteria and land in my bag. The process starts all over again as I discover some chocolate, I never get a veto for that. My shopping bag contains what’s on my list and the other part is what looks or smells good or what is interesting or new to me. You might realized until now the smart dept. (brain) is barely involved, although I got huge resources up there, why bother if I don’t need it? This is before I start with a blog post, the first step might be: I think about apple pancakes or how the apples meet the chocolate and they lived happily ever after.

The moral of the story, what you see here is what I had on my plate, sometimes once, sometimes now and then and sometimes all the time. This has no direction at all, no limits (and just occasionally brain).

This week is all about crêpe, they crossed my mind as I found my pan by accident, long time no see… I accomplished unsweetened crêpe with a tomato spread I was dreaming about for a while and came up with this little rolls. They look great on a brunch buffet, as an appetizer or how I love them, as company for salad.

For the crêpe:

This makes about 4 crêpes

1 large egg

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup all purpose flour

2 Tbsp melted and cooled, unsalted butter

1/4 tsp salt


Put everything in your blender and mix just until combined. Cool for 2 hours.

Bring your pan to medium high heat, grease the pan slightly. Pour in the batter and swirl the pan until evenly distributed. Then the batter starts to dry at the top, turn the crêpe and cook for about another minute. When ready remove from the pan and place on a plate. Go on with the remaining batter.



For the tomato spread:

This recipe yields more than you might need for the crêpes, remaining tomato spread is great on rustic bread like ciabatta. Add a few tablespoons cream cheese if you like.

150 g  / 5.29 oz. sun dried tomatoes in olive oil

1 garlic clove, diced

1 handful herbs like parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme

5 Tbsp freshly grated cheese like aged Gouda, Pecorino Romano, Parmigiano Reggiano

3 Tbsp olive oil

salt and sugar to taste

freshly grated pepper

Put all ingredients in your food processor and blend until you got a nice paste, you might have to scape down the sides. Add salt, sugar and pepper to taste.

 Assemble the tomato crêpe rolls:

Apply evenly the tomato spread over the crêpe then roll it up. Cut into individual 2.5 cm / 1 inch rolls.


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  1. well, I have been advised the same .. to pick a theme for y blog .. and type of cuisine .. a pattern. I find it tough and I am note sure if I ever can!
    Love crepes and this sounds delicious plus the photos are stunning.

  2. Personally, if I like the way a blog is written, I’ll come back to it again and again, and if it gets me interested in new food, even better. Whereas, if a blog specializes in one subject, I’ll probably go there when that’s what I’m looking for. But only then. So I don’t think you should change a thing! Just my two cents.