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  1. Eva@FoodVegetarisch
    September 29, 2012

    Hi Eva,
    when I read yesterday your post I decided directly to try out this recipe today for lunch. As there is a large organic supermarket close by where I live, which offers also a wide range of ingredients for Asian food I had no problem to buy sweet potato and also my ghee I get there :). And you know what: the recipe is fantastic!! It is absolutely my taste and I love it that it is not so complicated. Thanks for sharing and the photos are great: as well when it comes to colors as the step by step pictures!
    xo Eva

  2. 1 big bite
    September 29, 2012

    Thank you for your awesome feedback! I am happy you liked it!
    Your supermarket sounds great, well stocked and organic. Though I live nearby a 24/7 grocery store, for fresh organic fruits and veggies I have to drive 20 minutes.
    Yes I am still surprised about this recipe, I used potatoes since years and suddenly came up with sweet potatoes. It’s not just easier (just bake, scoop and mash) it’s also more flavors and all works great together.
    Actually I found a great tip on your blog about post processing in lightrooms, and I never thought about using camera calibration / profile before. So thank you!

    • Ozan
      January 6, 2013

      I learned from my moethr in law a long time ago to stab the hot potato with a fork in your left hand and use a serrated knife to peel the skin off the hot potato. She was very much a southern cook. hope someone finds this helpful. I do this for potato salad and also mashed potatoes. Keeps the potatoes from getting to watery with leaving the skin on during the boiling process.

  3. Eva@FoodVegetarisch
    September 30, 2012

    Uiii, that makes me happy, that I could give you the tip about using the camera calibration :-)

    PS: and yes the supermarket is really great and from what I heard from friends living in other German cities it is not also so typical yet for Germany… so it seems I am a little bit the lucky one when it comes to food shopping ;-)

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