basil infused oil

by 1 big bite on October 19, 2012

Fall snuck up on me. Of cause I sensed the crisp mornings but the warm and sunny afternoons let me ignore everything about it. I postponed admitting that it’s about to become fall as long as I could, but there is actually no good reason for it. I appreciate every season, although I am good with a short winter.

Last spring I ambitiously tried to grow something in my yard and started to sow different variations of beans, tomatoes and bell paprika. All I learned was, you can’t just activate a green thumb, there is no switch for that. Everything grew more or less, but no flowers, no veggies and no harvest. The only exception was basil, though I didn’t even put in any effort, I was pleased with fresh basil whenever I wanted. Signore Basil is now up to my hips, the stalks are like thin branches and I am sad to see his leaves getting brown and falling down, it’s fall for him too.

Since I made this grilled peppercorn-crusted filet mignon for the first time I am in love with infused oils. Therefor you have to simmer pepper corns in oil then crush them and cover a steak all other with it. Afterwards the oil has a nice peppery flavor and I discovered it for many uses in my kitchen. The idea suggest itself, why not transform my basil bush into basil infused oil? Beside having a tasty oil on hand the other  advantage is, I use up some of my basil. So what’s next? One gallon of pesto?


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  1. Hmmm…. for me this summer the bell pepper works very well on my balcony… but basil was more than tricky because my basil behaved more like a little diva ;)

    PS: Cool color combination with the green and the red you have chosen! I like it very much.

  2. Sieht klasse aus; von der Farbe ein bisschen wie Limettensaft. :-) Basilikum war dieses Jahr auch so ziemlich das einzige Kraut, das bei uns wuchs – bis auf die Lampionfrüchte, die den gesamten Garten übervölkern…

  3. Oh wow, that`s pretty cool! I love the photos for this post!

  4. Looks lovely, Eva and must be divine with a slice of fresh bread.
    My little basil from france is now fading away. He wants to go back to france, I guess (maybe we should go together)
    greets, Sandy

  5. how long will the oil keep for once it is made?

    • No ones knows exactly. :)
      Once I had mine for over two months and still good. Let’s say, I never had one gone bad!
      Due to the boiling, you can keep it longer than just infused oils.

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