beet greens stir-fry

by Eva Felis on July 25, 2013

beet greens stir-fry--2425

Every now and then I crank up my oven (yes I am crazy enough to use it even in summer months), I also put in some red beets, drizzled with oil and wrapped up nice and tightly with aluminum foil. I love them roasted the best and store them ready to go in the refrigerator until I want to add some of them to my salad or tartine.

I have to admit I never thought much about the green stuff on top. Try to wrap your mind about this, I am buying kale and collard greens and ignore the lovely beet greens I get for free. They are even easier to handle than kale, their stems are softer and usually doesn’t have to be removed before cooking. I made this stir-fry a couple of times and I really appreciate the simplicity of fresh vegetables. I also love the versatility, switch potatoes for butter beans or use any other vegetable you like (hello Brussels sprouts). Sometime I use more uncooked vegetables (bell peppers) and end up with a salad, sometimes it’s a side dish and than again I top it with an egg or add some leftover grilled chicken and… I think you got the idea! Enjoy!

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  1. I love how versatile and fresh this dish looks like!

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