How to roast a chicken on a bed of salt

by Eva Felis on October 31, 2013

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Yesterday I approached the grocery store with only the best intentions: there should be some greens on my plate tonight. This had been the plan. I grabbed myself a shopping cart and passed by kale, chard and collard greens as fast as I could. I am even bad with new years resolutions and let’s face it, I have a whole year to accomplish them. I usually don’t eat meat very often. So when my belly said, I should pamper myself and go for a roasted chicken, I didn’t disagree. Without any further thinking I had chicken and a big package of salt in my bag. My no-brainer go to recipe since years.

Well yes, it was a Wednesday dinner and who has time to roast a chicken on a weeknight? The point is, it takes 5 minutes to prepare and then it roasts all alone in the oven, no need to interfere beside one turn. It gives you enough time to do the laundry, vacuum, put your legs up, relax and read a book. The cleaning afterwards is limited to discard the aluminum foil. And hurray for leftovers, I can see chicken risotto, chicken burrito, chicken sandwich… coming my way. I am kind of pushing it a bit with the headline. How to… seriously? Put salt on the baking dish, top with the chicken and in the oven it goes. That’s the whole trick.

If you are on a low sodium diet, sorry this recipe is not for you. All others should be fine, it’s an insane amount of salt, but it’s there to flavor, tenderize and soak up the fat  and not to season the chicken. This chicken will be juicy and not overboard salty. Don’t rub the salt on the chicken, just lay the chicken on it. That’s basically the whole point about roasted chicken on salt.

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  1. Eva, how fascinating! I’ve baked whole fish in salt, but never thought to roast a chicken on a bed of salt. Wow. And your bird looks delish!

  2. Wie im Märchen….hmmmm. Wie gern wären wir jetzt bei Euch in der Nähe gewesen. :-) Liebe Grüsse. Freya

  3. I luuuurrrvvvveee roast chook ;)

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