pumpkin spice muffins

by Eva Felis on October 22, 2013

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I am sitting at my desk and it doesn’t actually matter if I look to my right or left, there are piles of papers and notebooks everywhere. The stacks continue behind me on my bookshelf and even on the floor.  All these pages are about food, they contain ideas, tips and tricks, but mostly recipes. I started to index them by title without success and anyway I ended up with the same stacks in a different order, just another picture of the same madness. Some pages are ripped out of magazines, some are given to me by friends and some are recipes “in progress”. Recipe testing is one of my favorite things, when I put on my apron and turn on the oven, I feel like a weird scientist in a lab. Most of the time I use up an ingredient that’s at risk to go bad like a basket full of apples. I try to pick a direction, am I going for apple pie or cake? Or apple butter?  What else should come in it? I try to imagine what the flavor will be like. Do I need more almonds or should I rather go for coconut flakes? I make my notes on a sheet of paper and create another addition to the paper stack party.

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Most of the time it takes several efforts until I come out of my kitchen with a masterpiece. Right now I can see a recipe scribbled on a crumpled piece of paper, the title on top says: rice cake. I had big hopes for that, Mr. F is a sucker for rice pudding and I thought I would have invented something innovative while combining rice pudding and cake. But he said something like: …have had better cakes before. That’s his polite way to say: It sucked really bad. He was right, no doubt about that.

Last week I fished this recipe for pumpkin spice muffins out of one of those paper piles. I had been looking forward to this since the days are getting cooler and fall appears from day to day. I made this muffins for the first time two years ago. This recipe was a success at the first attempt, this happens once in a blue moon. It has all I was craving/looking for: fall flavors, pumpkin with spices, a healthy spin with whole wheat flour, nuts and chocolate. They are easy put together, tastes great for a couple of days without going stale (even better the next day), they are incredible for breakfast and I am always happy to find one in my bag for a little snack. The flavor combination of the spices are maybe a little more cinnamony as usually, because I like it that way. You can mix some more of the pumpkin spice and keep it on hand for cakes, lattes etc.


spiced pumpkin muffins collage


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  1. I like cinnamon and your muffins look great, very tasty! And your pics are wonderful, you really did improve your skills!
    Hugs my dear,

  2. they look yummy!

  3. Oh yes, these muffins look very yummy!! I wish I would have one (or two, or three,…) of them here for my breakfast today :)
    Have a great Sunday,

  4. Aww, Congrats a delicious first attempt! These muffins sure look wonderful and embodies all of Fall. :)

  5. Ha ha! Sounds like my desk, except for recipe-related papers, I have plants, hubby’s work papers, a can of paint, and even a pair of socks (can’t even blame that one on anyone else!)

    Sounds like I need to do some organizing, but isn’t baking so much more fun?

  6. @ Eva: They are very yummy! You barely taste the whole wheat flour. Wish I could step by and bring some over to you. That would be fun!

    @ Lynna: Thank you!

    @ Loretta: Everybody can handle order, but only a genius can master chaos.

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