Farewell 2013

by Eva Felis on December 31, 2013

hilton head island-

Since a couple of days ago I am on vacation and therefore sadly not able to serve you a treat/recipe today. I am staying with my family on a tropical island with all day cocktails on our hands… just kidding… We are all on Hilton Head Island, just a couple of hours away from Atlanta and it couldn’t be any better, tropical or not. We are a family of food enthusiastic and appreciate some good eats, so the kitchen is never empty, the stove never cold and we spoil ourself with treats several time a day. In between the meals and to balance the calorie income and calorie consumption, we rented some bikes and we are cruising up and down the beaches (if we are not cooking and eating). It feels good being back in the kitchen again with my mum and my two sisters and chopping, dicing, baking, searing, and even cleaning up afterwards is much more pleasant in good company.

HiltonHead Collage

It’s the very last day of this year and like many others, I am looking back on 2013 and recapping what the last 12 months had ment to me. I have to say with gratitude that 2013 had been good to me. It had been almost exactly the same time last year as we moved to Atlanta and we were welcomed with open arms. I had already mentioned before, we had moved a bunch the last five years (4 states in 5 years) and this is the first time, I feel somehow at home. Our neighbors are the kindest people and are even glad to see me early on a Sunday morning, when I run out of eggs while making pancakes and try to borrow one from them (guilty). It’s also for the first time since our move to the US, that most pieces of my life are kind of in place. I enjoy spending time with my new friends and hope they will be in my life for many more years.

I never believed in new years resolutions, but my goal for some time now is getting more organized especially my time managing is lacking of structure. I also like the idea of learning more cooking techniques and Asian cooking, but haven’t put deeper thoughts into that. Is there a cooking book you can recommend?

Last but not least your favorites in 2013, picked by the most visited pages this ending year. All of them are regulars in my kitchen and I am thrilled you enjoy them as much as I do.

roasted cauliflower and kale pie with potato crust

roasted cauliflower and kale pie-0927-1 Kale became one of our most enjoyed greens this year, for good reasons. Here it comes in combination with cauliflower filled in a potato crust pie.


 favorite summer drinks: iced coffee, strawberry limes

strawberry limes-3946 This one is an old one, created in 2011 but still visited very very often. I like the idea of having brought a nice sip to you and your friends on a summery night on the porch.


How to have more fun hosting a weeknight dinner party and pesto bread

pesto bread-163 Having more weeknight parties should be on all our resolutions list for 2014. I enjoyed writing this article and pesto bread is still an easy crowd pleaser in my house.


leek and pancetta quiche

leek quiche-242 The best company for you hearty bowl of soup. Leeks, pancetta and goat cheese in form of a lovely quiche.


spinachy mac and cheese soup

spinach soup-052aa

Last but not least, the soup I grew up on. I am glad you like it as much as I do. This one might have turned me into the soup lover I am. Totally comfort food.

Cheers to you my friends! Have a healthy and happy new year!


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  1. Looks like a fun way to end the year! It’s always best to spend Christmas with family, isn’t it? Our Christmas was spent in MN this year, so there was not one beach picture taken. Pretty sure I didn’t take off my long johns and slippers except to take a shower…At least at home in WI it’s more mild!

    Happy belated New Year!

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