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by Eva Felis on December 10, 2013

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One of Germany’s favorite Christmas cookie is actually of Austrian origin, Vienna to be precise. I didn’t know that or I did and forgot about that and at the end, it doesn’t matter at all. What matters, and I might totally disagree at this point with most of Germany’s population, is that they are mainly baked during Christmas season (to my disapproval – to repeat myself) and not all year long. You might find it then and there but rarely and that’s not acceptable. Free vanilla kipferl!

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There are versions out there with hazelnuts or without any nuts, but the ones I like most are the ones with almonds. I used almond meal because I had it on hand and to be honest I had been lazy, but you can easily grind your own in your food processor. And don’t bother peeling the almonds, their skin adds even more flavor to the game. The other tasty fact about this kipferl, is their flakiness. And this recipe makes them extra special flaky.  I borrowed the idea of bringing tiny pieces of cold butter into the dough, from making pie dough. I used my food processor, but you can also make the dough by hand and chop the cold butter into the dough or rub with your fingers, again the same technique you would use for making pie dough. If you had been brainy a couple weeks ago and added your old and used vanilla pod to a jar filled with sugar, you might have vanilla flavored sugar by now and might wanna use this fragrant sugar for the kipferl. And if not make up for this and store your “empty” vanilla pods in a sugar jar for future tasty pleasures.

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  1. Eva, I make Greek Christmas cookies ( my grandma’s recipe) and they look just like your beautiful kipferl. They must be Viennese in origin too. Nutty buttery cookies sprinkled with powdered sugar – three cheers for that!
    Wishing you wonderful holidays,

  2. Lecker und super die Alternative mit den Mandeln, für alle die, die keine Nüsse essen dürfen. Wir haben sogar ein extra “Formenblech” geschenkt bekommen für Vanillekipferl. Lieben Gruss Freya

  3. Vanillekipferl :) Das erinnert mich doch direkt an meine Omi, denn dort gab es sie früher auch immer zu Weihnachten, wenn wir sie besuchten. Und auch wenn ich vor allem von ihren Sahnebonbons begeistert war, so weiß ich von meiner Cousine, dass ihr Mann dafür den Vanillekipferl fast völlig verfallen war ;-)

    In diesem Sinne, hab wunderschöne Weihnachten und komm gut ins Neue Jahr!!
    Liebste Grüße von der anderen Eva :)

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