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salmon and goat cheese stuffed portobellos

by Eva Felis on July 16, 2013

Do you remember this situation? You are on a farmers market and you discover the most beautiful and freshest portobello mushrooms you have ever seen.  Well maybe not, but for sure you had been intrigued by a fascinating and/or unknown food before. I believe this is what enjoying food is all about. If you don’t Weiterlesen



grilled salmon fillets with creamy horseradish sauce

by 1 big bite on September 15, 2011

Some time ago, we just had been a few months in Kansas City, I had the pleasure to meet Susan and her lovely mother. From time to time we had lunch together and although there is a big difference in age between us, we always had a great talk and enjoyed good food. In a Weiterlesen



fish filet with capers, black olives and tomatoes

by 1 big bite on April 28, 2011

Not everybody knows what I mean if I say Christmas and Easter fall on the same day, that is what we would say in Germany but maybe you get what I mean if I am saying ‘all my Christmases come at once’ and it happened for the last two weeks to me! Last year I Weiterlesen