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chai chocolate banana bread

by 1 big bite on April 7, 2014

The mother of all questions, at least if it comes to banana bread, is for sure: Do we really need another banana bread recipe? For the last couple of days, knowing I am working on one of those “another” recipes, I paid more attention to blog posts and articles related to this topic – take Weiterlesen



orange marzipan cake

by Eva Felis on February 18, 2014

I hate throwing away food. I am aware of the harsh intensity of this word hate, which I am just throwing around and at you. However it is not an angry hate, I would describe it as a disgusting hate, whereas disgusting on it’s own wouldn’t kick it. Around here leftover food will be revived Weiterlesen



a birthday cake like sunshine on snowy hills

by Eva Felis on December 28, 2013

I am a late summer birthday girl and can’t actually imagine, how unfair or complicated it is to having a birthday just around Christmas. I heard complains like: it’s hard to celebrate because friends and family are already busy with all this holiday stuff and a party is not as appreciated as in any other Weiterlesen



white chocolate macchiato cakelettes with coconut flakes

by Eva Felis on November 13, 2013

Tastewise there is a lot going on with this cakelettes. They are little bundles of flavor, no doubt about that. Nevertheless I have to admit, I went somehow overboard with this title: white chocolate macchiato cakelettes with coconut flakes.  What you read is what you get. Although all this different ingredients come together very well, Weiterlesen



fall fruit streusel cake

by Eva Felis on October 14, 2013

I told you, I would serve you a cake as soon as my oven is back on duty. The service guy gave us the pleasure of his company – finally. I have to admit I had been miffed about this situation. We are in the era where anything can be delivered in between 24 hour Weiterlesen



peach wähe

by Eva Felis on August 1, 2013

It’s the Swiss National Day today! I have an ode to the Swiss cuisine on my mind, to tell the truth, I wished I had one. But I bet you are not honestly interested in my lyrics. You are here for the food, so am I. Swiss cuisine is so much more than fondue and Weiterlesen



apricot and almond cake

by Eva Felis on June 7, 2013

I am about to leave town and country, my bags are packed and it’s about time. I waited many weeks and even months went by since I booked my flight. Soon I’ll be home at my parent’s house, my other home.
I am anticipating sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee while my mum makes her Weiterlesen



glazed lemon buttermilk pound cake

by Eva Felis on May 31, 2013

If the little black dress would be a cake, it would be a pound cake, you can’t go wrong with a classic.
I have to admit that I never baked or even ate a classic pound cake, when I had been living in the old world, at least not that I know of!? The weird thing Weiterlesen



leftover oatmeal cake (better than its reputation)

by 1 big bite on February 27, 2013

It is not my fault that I am craving sweets constantly, it’s the C21 H30 O5. Yes cortisol generally known as stress hormone. Sounds like a flimsy excuse? In this case I would never admit that you are right!
As I usually don’t want to buy something to eat on the run and I know I’ll Weiterlesen



hazelnut streusel loaf cake

by 1 big bite on January 29, 2013

It’s been a while since my last post. And the one before had also been later than usually. This is not me moaning and telling you I have a creative break down or I lost my writing juices. In fact my creativity is overwhelming recently and I wrote several brilliant posts but just in my Weiterlesen