warm farro cereal

by Eva Felis on January 12, 2014


warm farro cereal-677

I like the idea of starting the same way with my first blog post into 2014 like I start into my day – with a healthy and enjoyable breakfast. I had been very bad the last couple of days, too much of everything, although I skipped the nutritional stuff. My body must be able to extract vitamin c from chocolate and cookies or otherwise I would suffer from a bad scurvy. I have to admit I enjoyed all this cheese, wine, cake, meat and sauces. But to be honest, after all this days of opulent food, I am craving simple dishes like soups and salads.  I even realize what difference this kind of food makes to my well-being in relation to energy and drive throughout the day. Read more >>


Farewell 2013

by Eva Felis on December 31, 2013

hilton head island-

Since a couple of days ago I am on vacation and therefore sadly not able to serve you a treat/recipe today. I am staying with my family on a tropical island with all day cocktails on our hands… just kidding… We are all on Hilton Head Island, just a couple of hours away from Atlanta and it couldn’t be any better, tropical or not. We are a family of food enthusiastic and appreciate some good eats, so the kitchen is never empty, the stove never cold and we spoil ourself with treats several time a day. In between the meals and to balance the calorie income and calorie consumption, we rented some bikes and we are cruising up and down the beaches (if we are not cooking and eating). It feels good being back in the kitchen again with my mum and my two sisters and chopping, dicing, baking, searing, and even cleaning up afterwards is much more pleasant in good company. Read more >>


a birthday cake like sunshine on snowy hills

by Eva Felis on December 28, 2013

orange curd cake-645

I am a late summer birthday girl and can’t actually imagine, how unfair or complicated it is to having a birthday just around Christmas. I heard complains like: it’s hard to celebrate because friends and family are already busy with all this holiday stuff and a party is not as appreciated as in any other month. And there is the challenge of doing something special to overcome all the seasons decoration or it’s just another Christmas party and never just a birthday celebration. Read more >>


vanilla kipferl

by Eva Felis on December 10, 2013

vanilla kipferl-3930

One of Germany’s favorite Christmas cookie is actually of Austrian origin, Vienna to be precise. I didn’t know that or I did and forgot about that and at the end, it doesn’t matter at all. What matters, and I might totally disagree at this point with most of Germany’s population, is that they are mainly baked during Christmas season (to my disapproval – to repeat myself) and not all year long. You might find it then and there but rarely and that’s not acceptable. Free vanilla kipferl! Read more >>


christmas skillet cookie

by Eva Felis on December 2, 2013

christmas skillet cookie-594

I had been growing up in Germany and obviously Thanksgiving had never been much of a big deal. Why? Someone actually asked me that… Well no pilgrims, no Indians, no Thanksgiving Day, that’s basically the explanation for the lack of it in an otherwise very holiday friendly German calendar. Now it’s one of my favorite holidays, in addition to the giving thanks part and for someone who likes to eat like me, it can’t get any better. We spend Thanksgiving Day with some dear and some new friends. The beauty about this had been, that these group of people are good friends since a long time and had once lived in the same city, now they are spread all over the continent and still come together to celebrate since many years. Keeping in touch and coming all the way to Atlanta for a couple of days every year is a major proof of their friendship and I admire their special relationship. In regards of food it couldn’t have been any better, I had been rotten spoiled this day. Read more >>



by Eva Felis on November 21, 2013


Lately on a girls night out… that’s pushing it a bit, it was a weeknight and nothing about it said party at all, rather catching up with long missed friends, good talks and nice food. But there had been a cocktail, that left a strong impression on me and it wasn’t even mine. I tried a sip and was sold, that was right down my alley.

Ordering cocktails can be tricky, they have names like Yuppidoo and Gogol and don’t let me start on all this sex on/of/at somewhere (never thought I would use that word on my food blog). Neither my imagination nor my taste buds are able to figure out what the heck I am getting, if ordering one of those. And when there are the uber everything ones: too sweet, too boozy, too sour or a combination of all that. The fine print is usually just a list of all ingredients, with no explanation. All hope lies with the knowledge of your server for guiding you through this cocktail scavenger hunt. I have to admit, I tend to fall back on one of my all time favorites more often than I am proud of, save but never sorry. Read more >>


white chocolate macchiato cakelettes with coconut flakes

by Eva Felis on November 13, 2013

white chocolate macchiato cakelettes with coconut flakes-1


Tastewise there is a lot going on with this cakelettes. They are little bundles of flavor, no doubt about that. Nevertheless I have to admit, I went somehow overboard with this title: white chocolate macchiato cakelettes with coconut flakes.  What you read is what you get. Although all this different ingredients come together very well, each of them bring it’s own personality with them: the strong espresso blend with the sweetness and vanilla of the white chocolate into a nice macchiato and the coconut brings beside the exotic touch also a little chewiness to these little cakes. Read more >>


How to roast a chicken on a bed of salt

by Eva Felis on October 31, 2013

chicken on salt-3602

Yesterday I approached the grocery store with only the best intentions: there should be some greens on my plate tonight. This had been the plan. I grabbed myself a shopping cart and passed by kale, chard and collard greens as fast as I could. I am even bad with new years resolutions and let’s face it, I have a whole year to accomplish them. I usually don’t eat meat very often. So when my belly said, I should pamper myself and go for a roasted chicken, I didn’t disagree. Without any further thinking I had chicken and a big package of salt in my bag. My no-brainer go to recipe since years. Read more >>


pumpkin spice muffins

by Eva Felis on October 22, 2013

pumpkin spice muffins-3560

I am sitting at my desk and it doesn’t actually matter if I look to my right or left, there are piles of papers and notebooks everywhere. The stacks continue behind me on my bookshelf and even on the floor.  All these pages are about food, they contain ideas, tips and tricks, but mostly recipes. I started to index them by title without success and anyway I ended up with the same stacks in a different order, just another picture of the same madness. Some pages are ripped out of magazines, some are given to me by friends and some are recipes “in progress”. Recipe testing is one of my favorite things, when I put on my apron and turn on the oven, I feel like a weird scientist in a lab. Most of the time I use up an ingredient that’s at risk to go bad like a basket full of apples. I try to pick a direction, am I going for apple pie or cake? Or apple butter?  What else should come in it? I try to imagine what the flavor will be like. Do I need more almonds or should I rather go for coconut flakes? I make my notes on a sheet of paper and create another addition to the paper stack party. Read more >>


fall fruit streusel cake

by Eva Felis on October 14, 2013

stone fruit streusel cake-796

I told you, I would serve you a cake as soon as my oven is back on duty. The service guy gave us the pleasure of his company – finally. I have to admit I had been miffed about this situation. We are in the era where anything can be delivered in between 24 hour nationwide. I don’t really get why it took him almost four weeks to replace a glass panel in the oven door, just because he had to order it in California. I wonder if he took the wagon train through the Great Plains or the donkey caravan via Mojave Desert? As soon as Mr. customer-service-guy-of-the-year arrived in my kitchen, he started raving about the cookies I gave him last time. I couldn’t resist explaining to him: no oven-no cookies, not for me and not for him. Can you believe this guy? Read more >>