blueberry lavender cream scones

by Eva Felis on June 18, 2014

blueberry lavender scones

Moving into a new city forces you to start from scratch in regards of so many aspects of your daily life. It took me one and a half year to figure out where to buy fresh fish, which are the good restaurants, a trustfully and capable dentist and this one is essential in regards of lifesaving: where to find the best coffee in town. I still need a GPS for getting around with the car and that is not going to change very soon. Do you know how many streets in Atlanta have Peachtree in their name? I bet you don’t because no one knows that. Read more >>


German Krautsalat – coleslaw

by Eva Felis on June 11, 2014


german krautsalat

The dust had settled, in retrospect the renovation of my living room had been more than smooth. Gradually I am getting used to the feeling being fortune to life in a house I transformed just the way I like it: fitting to my needs and wishes. The walls between living and dinning room disappeared and the outcome is a bright open space. All what’s missing is an area rug and maybe some decoration, I kind of suck in this department… Read more >>


hot brown

by Eva Felis on June 4, 2014

hot brownThe downside of moving to a different city every year is you have to leave your friends behind every time. The upside is you have friend to visit and very good reasons to come back. Last weekend I had been walking in Memphis again. It had been a couple of months since my last visit, but we picked up our friendship right where we left off. Read more >>


Iced Pharisäer- a cold hypocrite

by Eva Felis on May 27, 2014


iced Pharisäer Once upon a time on the little island called Nordstrand in the North Sea someday in the 19th century… A festivity took place, the occasion had been a christening. A peasant called Peter Johannsen had become father for the umpteenth time (historians say it might be the sixth or the seventh?) and he had been eager to celebrate this fortunate event properly. Unfortunately the reverend of his church had banned any alcohol, even more he took the pledge. The peasant came up with a brilliant way to hide the booze in plain sight, actually to be accurate in front of the reverend. First off, I’d like to mention that times had been tough. Life wasn’t all beer and skittles near the North Sea back then and especially on this island due to tough weather and severe storms. The islander had been inventive with creating hot beverages that warm up body and soul: tea with a lacing of rum or caraway seed schnaps, Grog (hot water and rum), Tote Tante or Lumumba (hot chocolate with rum). You name it… they put booze in it… Read more >>


bean there, done that

by Eva Felis on May 20, 2014


Mediterranean-style bean saladYou know what they say: if it tastes good it’s not good for you. These days the only exceptions seams to be chocolate, I am kidding, totally not, that’s what I need to believe. Let’s say there are two exceptions that prove the rule: the delicious Mediterranean cuisine is known for colorful vegetables, lots of omegas from fresh saltwater fish, plant-base proteins from beans, herbs and olive oil and red wine (here you go!). I am not so sure about the latter, but that’s ok. Read more >>


kale pesto with a touch of lemon and capers

by Eva Felis on May 12, 2014

kale pesto-1080

I had been going back and forth about if and how to remodel my living room. The whole situation is a complex one, as in small or rather tiny. I needed to close an opening between two rooms to creating a proper office space but would create a living room in size of a shoebox on the other side of the wall. And who wants to climb over the sofa to cross the room? The solution is actually quite simple, if I put up a wall on one side, I need to remove another wall on the other side. First I convinced Mr. F about the imperative of this operation and then got cold feet and conscience about making such major changes to this almost a century old house.  Confession: I am one of those girls, I start off with having trouble to make a decision and then change my mind every other minute. This one was a tough one, it took me some time, but we finally did it. Read more >>


munavalgekook – egg white cake with brown butter

by Eva Felis on April 27, 2014

I don’t know about you, but beside April being the month for the first sunburn on my nose and getting soaked to the skin during one of those rain showers, it’s also the time I start making ice cream, like it’s out of style next month. Egg whites are usually a by-product, which I don’t want to go waste. According to the principle that let them go to waist rather than go to waste, I am on the hunt for ideas to use up egg whites and stumbled over an Estonian egg-white cake: munavalgekook on nami-nami.

Munavalgekook - eggwhite brown butter cake


my big fat Greek Easter Sunday

by Eva Felis on April 22, 2014

I was pretty excited about this year’s Easter Sunday, because I knew it is going to be quite different than the usual egg hunt day. I celebrated my first Greek Easter feast at my friend’s house. Preparation had been going on for days and I can tell you, if Greeks celebrate, they do it big and proper. Everyone was talking about a whole lamb on a spit for days. The bummer is, I was not even sure if I like lamb, I am one of those crazy eaters that don’t eat cute animals. Growing up I tasted rabbit once – only because my aunt tried to trick me. I guess she wasn’t even offended, as I told her straight forward, that her “chicken” tasted strange. Other than that if it comes down to explore new food, I am usually first in line, so I hoped I would get over it and try some lamb.

easter 2014-4936


chai chocolate banana bread

by Eva Felis on April 7, 2014

chai chocolate banana bread

The mother of all questions, at least if it comes to banana bread, is for sure: Do we really need another banana bread recipe? For the last couple of days, knowing I am working on one of those “another” recipes, I paid more attention to blog posts and articles related to this topic – take it from me, there are a lot out there. And this essential topic runs like a thread through a fair amount of articles, don’t we have enough banana bread recipes? I am sure I would gladly find a different recipe for every day until the rest of my life and wouldn’t have to repeat one. Read more >>


greyhound meets elderflower cocktail

by Eva Felis on April 2, 2014

grapefruit elderflower cocktail

I obviously missed the peak of grapefruit season by a couple of weeks. Yet it’s never too late for a good recipe and too early for a bracing cocktail. Thus I am right on time somehow… Read more >>