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heidesand – German icebox cookies

by 1 big bite on December 11, 2012

I am reporting live from my old room, in my parent’s house, in my hometown, where I spend most of the time of my youth. Yes I am in Germany and visiting my family. And right now it’s in the middle of the night, way past midnight and I am wide awake, like I never Weiterlesen



brown butter and hazelnut scones

by 1 big bite on November 8, 2012

Yesterday I was pretty proud about my workout. Today I walk as elegant as a cowboy after a long day on his horse’ back. My muscles are soar and it takes me double the time to get up from a chair. Let me tell you about my gym, now that I am about to move Weiterlesen



sweet potato schupfnudeln with brown butter and thyme

by 1 big bite on September 27, 2012

Schupfnudeln are on my to cook list (or craving list) since weeks. They are what I would call German comfort food and usually eaten with the mostly well known sauerkraut and bacon. Another name but rather uncommon is Finger Nudeln (finger noodles). Though they are called Nudeln I would rather translate them as dumplings as Weiterlesen



hazelnut and brown butter granola

by 1 big bite on June 22, 2012


Some weeks ago I had been in our library, walking up and down the shelves full of cookbooks, an old book about how Germans eat, cook and what they like for every meal of the day, caught my intention. The pictures showed meat, sausage and ham in bulks, the author mentioned Germans like abundant meals Weiterlesen